Granite Color Options & Headstone Styles

Headstones come in a number of styles, including:

  • Flat markers, sometimes called “grass markers” which lie flat on the ground at the head of the grave, flush with the grass.
  • Beveled markers, usually about 8 inches thick, which lie flat on the ground at the head of the grave and rise above the grass.
  • Slant markers, sometimes called “pillow stones”, usually about 18 inches tall, which sit flat on the ground with the front of the stone angled back, creating a wedge shape.
  • Monuments, commonly referred to as “headstones”, which are tablets standing upright out of the ground and are typically placed on top of a base stone which can vary in length and thickness.
  • Family estate mausoleums which are typically very large in size.

Here are the headstone options we have available at Savurn Memorials:

  • Bahama Blue
  • Blue Pearl
  • Canadian Mahogany
  • Canadian Pink
  • Dark Barre Grey
  • Impala
  • Laurentian Green
  • Mountain Rose
  • Pennsylvania Mist
  • Sable Mountain Brown
  • South African Jet Black
  • Steeled Barre
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