Our Story

Savurn Memorials is owned and operated by Mark, Shari and Zachary Williams. We are local residents who have lived in the Norwich area for over 50 years.

Mark retired after working 30 years at the local public works department. Mark will be instrumental in setting, cleaning and engraving headstones in the cemeteries.

Shari is responsible for the business operations of Savurn Memorials. Shari recently retired from a local meetings & conventions management company. She has many years of experience in the customer service arena.

Zachary has been employed with a local energy products company for the past nine years. He will interact with customers to provide options to help in determining the perfect headstone for your loved one. He will also assist with the setting, cleaning and engraving the headstones.

On December 20, 2016, our daughter/sister Savannah Williams was preparing to leave her college campus to travel home for the holidays. She never made it. She was in a fatal car accident. As you can imagine it was a complete shock to our family.

Never having to deal with something this tragic before, we catapulted into having to make major decisions in a very quick time period (such as cremation vs. open/closed casket, what type of urn, what day to have the service, etc.). It all was such a blur. After a couple of months, we were faced with selecting the perfect headstone to memorialize our daughter.

As you can imagine, it was and still is, very difficult to learn to “move on”. However, we realized we are in a perfect position to give back to you, someone in a similar situation of losing a loved one. It was decided we would provide a safe, comfortable and compassionate environment in which you can work through the process of selecting the perfect way to memorialize your loved one without pressure.

Therefore, we decided to open Savurn Memorials, LLC as a tribute to Savannah. Located in Norwich, NY we will serve the residents in the surrounding communities.

Our family looks forward to serving you in your time of need.

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